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June 17, 2015

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With the Discontinuance of the Collectors United Newsletter, we are going to implement two new features on the Website.

Starting with this month's update, we will be accepting, free of charge, both announcements of coming events and ads to replace what would have been in the CU Newsletter.

When we receive ads, they will be shown immediately and will remain for at least one month.

Ads will be used verbatim as they are received and no editing will take place, so make sure they say what you want them to say.

Ads and Event Announcements should be sent to

Please note that this is an experimental effort to provide a service to the doll collecting community and continuing it will be dependant on how it is received and utilized.

Updated Upcoming Events - Click here.

Online Edition For February 2014 available here as well as archived editions for the last several months located here. The current edition will always require a Password. When prompted, enter the Username 'cureader' and the current Password which will be shown on page 2 of current printed edition of the newsletter. Passwords will change each month, but the Username will always be 'cureader'.

Archived editions are available without passwords. 

If you are not receiving your recent subscription, click here.

For any questions, suggestions or other comments, you can contact me here.

We hope that this website will continue to be of benefit to you.

David Wright


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