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Feb 11, 2014

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How to Use The Catalog

The Catalog is like a tree turned on it's side, its root is the Home Directory and in turn the different categories of dolls are its branches. The branches may have other branches but mostly have only leaves, the leaves are images of the dolls themselves.

The Catalog can be examined in either of two ways

  • The first way to examine the catalog is to start at the root by clicking on the 'Madame Alexander Catalog' menu selection item and going to the first branch. This is a listing of all of the first level branches in the tree. Clicking on any of the pictures in these branches takes you to the next level where you generally find the leaves. One branch, 'Hollywood Music' has several branches of its own. Each leaf is a thumbnail sketch of a doll. Clicking on this thumbnail will show you the full-size picture of the doll. Each branch has a 'Go Up Level' menu selection item which will take you back up one level to the branch above it. Each full-size picture also has an 'Exit' button which performs the same function. In addition to the 'Exit' button, there are 'Previous', 'Next' and 'Map' buttons. The 'Previous' and 'Next' button lets you go through all of the dolls in that branch in succession. The 'Map' button will be talked about below.  The 'What's Inside' menu selection box at the left contains a link to the main Catalog Directory (first branch).

  • A second method is to use the 'Map'. the Map link is found at the bottom of every page as well as at the top of all catalog pages and labeled as 'Map'. It also shows inside the 'What's Inside' menu selection box at the left of this page labeled as ' Catalog Map' . The 'Map' is a complete picture of all of the categories and dolls in the catalog. Looking at the map you can easily see the structure which resembles a sideways tree. 

    There are two types of items in the tree. The named boxes are links to branches. The thumbnail links connect directly to all full-size doll pictures in the catalog. Using one of these thumbnail links, in effect, combines in one step the procedures outlined in the first method of going from:
    	Master Directory (Catalog)-->
    	           Category Directory (branch)-->
            	             Thumbnail Link(leaf)-->
                      	               Full-Size picture.
    Each individual full-size doll picture contains the 'Map' button mentioned above. This returns you in one step back to the section of the map which shows the thumbnail that you clicked to get to this point, allowing you to easily continue your examination and bypassing the need to proceed back up the tree level by level..

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